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Cake Beauty is a Canadian company that sells delicious smelling, natural, paraben free products. Each product feels luxurious and smells extremely good. This review is for their handcream, which comes in a few different scents and 2 sizes.
These hand creams are delicious! I smelled them all and they are all great, but my favourite is the (limited edition) Vanilla Snow, which was their winter fragrance. It smells like a vanilla cupcake. I also love their original, Milk Made, which has notes of raspberry and vanilla-smells kind of like cream soda, yum! They make me want to lick my hands! They have tons of good, natural ingredients in them and they moisturize my hands well without being greasy at all.

The only thing I'd give a lower rating on is the price. $18 for a hand cream isn't the best price, so it's kind of a splurge if you can afford it, but worth the money because they are paraben free and natural. They moisturize really well and can easily be thrown into your purse. 
Kelly RT
3/13/2011 06:10:13 pm

i LOVE this stuff too! I'm seriously addicted. Good review!


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