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We exfoliate our bodies and our faces, but what about our lips? Lips are now becoming a popular topic of womans beauty. Pouty, plump lips have become a standard of beauty, and oftentimes women will get lip injections to make theirs fuller; But what about those of us who want to skip the needle and enhance the beautiful lips nature has given us?
Often times, since the lips have no pores, they can easily get dried out and skin can flake. This is where a good lip exfoliator comes in handy, but where do you find one? There are a few companies that make them, but they are pretty expensive. That's why my do it yourself honey & sugar lip scrub is awesome! It works great and cost pennies to make.  
Honey has natural moisturizing and antibacterial effects. It also provides a good base for your scrub, and you know you aren't swallowing any chemicals. What I do is take a shot glass and fill it about 1/4 full with honey, then I add in sugar and mix with a toothpick. Essentially, you want more sugar than honey, for better exfoliating. I then put this mixture into an old lip gloss tub that I've cleaned out. You can also buy these from the dollar store, or empty an old lip balm pot. This will last you a few weeks with daily use! I usually exfoliate before I go to bed, and follow up with a good lip oil, balm, or plumping treatment to moisturize. (I always wake up to beautiful, full, soft lips). 

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