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The sun is beautiful: It allows our plants to grow, gives us much needed vitamin D, and makes people happier in general; However, because of the depletion of the ozones protective layers, the rays of the sun can be quite harmful to us if we aren't cautious. Too much unprotected exposure to the sun can cause burns, skin cancer, and premature aging. In the winter, a moisturizer with sunscreen is enough for incidental sun exposure, but as summer is approaching, a much stronger shield is needed to protect from the strong rays of the sun. Doctors do reccommend you get about 15 minutes unprotected exposure to get vitamin D, but never ever on your face.
As for me, I wear SPF 30 on my face, ears, and neck religiously, but only wear it on my body if I'm going to be outside all day, as a little sun from walking around from work to home is good for you. I used to be a crazy tanner, but as I've gotten older, I've realized skin cancer is not worth the risk! I also get a lot of people thinking I'm 10 years younger than I am, compared to girls who are younger than me looking older due to smoking, tanning, and just not taking care of themselves. I use an oil free broad spectrum sunscreen on my face every single day (I like Cliniques Sun SPF 30 Face Cream with antioxidants, which also comes in SPF 15 and 50). Sunglasses also help protect your eyes from the sun, as well as help prevent wrinkles and crows-feet around the eye area.

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One thing a lot of people forget about but should always remember is their lips! Many lip balms and glosses come with a built-in SPF that you can reapply throughout the day while you're out. I like Diors Lip Glow. While it is expensive for a lip balm, it moisturizes, protects, and gives lips a subtle natural glow. It is definetely one of my summer must-haves!

For the beach and other times you will be outside for long periods of exposure, a body sunscreen that is waterproof is perfect. I like
Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Sunscreen Lotion which comes in many SPF numbers, and doubles as a moisturizer as well. Since I put on lotion daily anyways, it doesn't add an extra step which makes it more likely that I'll put it on when needed. 

Don't forget to protect yourself from the inside as well. Eat a healthy diet and lots of vitamin C, which aids in skin cell repair if you do happen to burn. Lycopene, an ingredient in tomatoes, has been shown to help protect skin from the sun from the inside. Genuine Health has a multi vitamin with lycopene and other skin essential antioxidants included called Multi+ daily glow. The sun is amazing and makes us feel awesome, be responsible and the sun will treat you well.

*Please note I am not a professional and all advice I give is from what I read and from my own general experience, and is not intended to replace professional advice. You should consult a doctor or dermatologist if you have specific suncare questions.

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