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So, I was shopping at Winners, a great discount store, when I came across a facial moisturizer that looked really great for only $7! (this is a sale price, all beauty products at winners retail for a lot more). The ingredients list got me because it was filled with lots of good essential oils like jojoba, vitamin e and c, grape seed, and avacado, along with green tea, ginko biloba, and other great natural ingredients. There are no synthetic dyes, fragrances, or parabens which is important to me since I have sensative acne-prone skin. Usually great organic or natural products cost a ton of money, which is why I was so excited to find this.
Once I got home, I noticed something I hadn't noticed in the store-it was for men! I didn't even realize it was a mans product because it smelled so nice and had tons of antioxidants, but since I loved the ingredients, I used it anyways, and I'm really glad I did. My skin was pretty dry from harsh retinol treatments, and this moisturized it so amazingly well. The cream claims to hydrate, protect, nourish, and smooth. Vitamin C and grape seed oil helps to brighten the complexion, while vitamin e and green tea help nourish and repair skin. My skin feels great and it wasn't greasy at all.

You get a generous amount and only need to use a little at a time to cover your whole face and neck. It is an australian company but I think it has U.S and maybe Canadian distributors as well. You can check out this and the other great looking products they sell at .

So, does it bother me that it's for men?  A little...but I'm not going to stop using it! I'm not really sure why they wouldn't just make it unisex, seems like a great potent product that can help keep skin hydrated and youthful for a decent price. I checked out the site and couldn't find a womans version of the balm, but I'm going to stick with this and go back to Winners to grab another one before they're all gone!

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